Essential Things to Know About Kichberg Before Moving There


Moving to a new place is never easy, and there is a transition period that you need to go through. Whether you want to rent a room in Kirchberg or rent an entire apartment, there are few things to know about Kichenberg before unpacking and unboxing.

Here is a list of the top 10 things to know before moving to Kirchberg.

Easy access to public transport

Getting to and from Kirchberg is possible via all public transport means. The new tram line was opened last year, and it runs from northern Kirchberg, through JFK Avenue, down the Grand Douches Charlotte Bridge, and to Place de L’Etoile. As soon as all development stages are completed, it will cover other areas as well. Furthermore, it is quite a bike-friendly area, which is excellent news if you use your bike frequently.


Like in the rest of the city, Kirchberg features an oceanic climate characterized by high precipitation, which is quite frequent during the last weeks of the summer and the beginning of the autumn. On average, temperatures are a bit lower than in downtown. That’s mainly because the area sits on higher ground.

Large furnished room with balcony to rent in Kirchberg

Renting a room in Kirchberg

You either do all the room hunting on your own or use a real estate agency’s services. Regardless of which road you take, there is a limited selection. Once you find a room to rent in Kirchberg, the essential step is signing the lease agreement. Luxembourg has pro-tenant laws, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider what you are signing for. Make sure that your lease agreement doesn’t interfere with your tenant rights.

Close to European institutions

If you work for some of the many European institutions, you are in luck as you will be very close to them. Most of them are ten to fifteen minutes by bike or public transport. If you are into walking, twice or three times that time.

A community of eloquent people

Here you will find that there is a mix of people from all parts of Europe, not just locals, Germans, French, Swiss, and Italians. Again, that’s mainly because there are many European Institutions nearby. Luxembourg’s brewing economy is also quite a magnet for Europeans seeking for new business opportunities.

Clean environment, parks, green areas

Kirchberg is quite an eco-friendly area with clean streets, many green areas, playgrounds, and mini-parks. All that is well-integrated within the community. It is a great place to recharge and rest after a busy day at work.

Friendly locals

The locals may not be as tempered as Spanish or Italian people, but at the same time, they are not as cold and distant as Scandinavians. Most of them are very polite and helpful when approached by strangers. Plus, most of them speak good English, so communication will never be a problem. However, knowing some of the local languages or even Luxembourgish is greatly appreciated.