Real Estate developer

The research and real estate developer bought the land, finance the operation and spent the markets with companies, provides technical, administrative and financial operation. He belongs to monitor the site and relationships with government and local authorities. The regulatory and legal framework of the promotion activity in the field of urban planning, technical, security, demand from the promoters a high technical level and great professionalism.

Very long, this occupation has been poorly considered, the confusion between being profit (financial) and negligence (or degradation, even) of the environment, when obvious errors were committed for construction programs little respect for nature. The property developer had really bad press and it must be recognized, and rightly so.

The profession has made efforts to evolve. Many professionals say they are very attentive to ethics. Proof is that if improvements are actually in the profession of real estate developer, a label was created: the HQE (High Environmental Quality), which is attributed to the promoter when the correlation is recognized criteria: those This focus on the quality of construction, the concern for energy conservation and respect for public health.

This activity is currently booming and property developers provide direct employment for 15,000 people and indirectly for 120,000 others. The number of building permits has increased by 25%, the forecasts are optimistic for the future. Nevertheless, with the crisis, many small property developers have disappeared and about a third of those who remain generate 65% of total turnover.

When the field is upheld, the analysis begins: study legal, commercial, technical, financial and fiscal editing. It must then negotiate with the owners. Upon obtaining building permits, the program director launches legal and financial management of the operation. Technical supervisor, he led the feasibility study, selects the companies. Also financially, it establishes safeguards, manages budgets, and determines profits. Excellent lawyer, he assumes the obligations of the promoter hygiene, security, law of planning, control and valid, and develop the deeds of sale and the settlement of condominiums.

The generic term property developer cache more of a profession, it is also a technical director who is responsible for supervising the office and service work, which is to coordinate the various stages of mastering d work. Achieving complete (or courses), the commercial director must take responsibility for its sale. He delegates it to vendors, for which the usual commercial qualities and some tax knowledge are necessary. Apart from vendors, a new job appears: for customers, which postpones the monitoring work to clients and provides them a real after-sales service.