Properties For Sale In Hanoi – Decent Locations To Consider

Hanoi is one of the prime locations with some of the best houses in Vietnam. The rapid development of Hanoi real estate is one to reckon with. New condos are being built in the districts and communities of Hanoi. Below is a mini-guide to help you make informed decisions on the sale of some apartments in Hanoi.

Ha Dong

Ha Dong is an urban province in the capital of Vietnam neighboring La Khe and Duong Noi. It is one of the highest populated districts in Hanoi, with a population density that is second only to Hoàng Mai.

A lot of condos in this district include some of the best interior decors with bedroom arrangements that will leave you in awe. Even though this district is highly populated, it is one of the regions in Hanoi that have a green environment. There are lots of fun-filled activities that you can enjoy while on vacation here. Shopping malls, grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants are familiar sights in Ha Dong. This is undoubtedly the place you are looking for.

Hanoi condos

Tu Liem

This is a rural district that was subdivided into two districts (South Tu Liem and North Tu Liem) in 2013. It is one of the most developed areas in Hanoi with some classic five-star hotels and breath-taking sights.

The rapid advancement of the tourist sites and the economy of this district is one of the reasons why you consider it. The living standards are also top-notch with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. There are also beautiful cinema houses and shopping malls to spice up your stay there.

Thanh Xuan

This is typically a residential district with many universities. It is a neighbor to the Ha Dong, Hoang Mai, Hai Ba Trung, and Dong Da districts.

Condos in this area are aesthetically beautiful, with tall buildings and residential houses that keep you wondering if you are still on this planet. The increasing demand for property and retain plus the increased social status are the reasons why this district is very appealing to investors.

Hanoi property

Tay Ho

This is one right place in northern Hanoi to relocate to if you are seeking to make some peaceful reflections about your life courtesy to its rich spiritual background.

This suburban district is a great place to stay with families. The apartments in this area are comparatively cheap when placed side-by-side with the prices in other districts.

Cau Giay

Cau Giay is another urban district of the capital of Vietnam. The name was derived from an ancient bridge where the Battle of Cầu Giấy was fought.

This is an ever-evolving district with some of the most beautiful places to buy a condo. It has a break-taking scenery, restaurants and traditional residents that are very attractive.

Cau Giay condos

Gia Lam

This is another district with a high population density and lies squarely at the Trâu Quỳ township.

Most properties in this district have some aesthetic interiors that are awesome. There are a lot of stores, restaurants, and coffee shops plus other amenities for adults in this district. Gia Lam includes some stunning apartments of modest cost.